Creativity and Research and Planning

At AS I looked at different magazines from my chosen genre of music. I looked at how the subject was represented on the front cover and in which ways they appealed to the target market and the different ways in which things were used to connote and relate different things. For example the mode of addresses used in the Hip-Hop magazines. The use of colloquial language and exclamation marks to really excite and draw in a specific target audience. I used these as a foundation to help me create my magazine. I used the same techniques to appeal to my target audience and effectively hold their attention with things they can relate to. The use of colour was also important with the magazines. They had a specific purpose of connoting different ideals. One major example used throughout the Hip-Hop magazines I looked at was the use of red to connote power, strength and masculinity and sometimes the use of purple to connote status and authority. All this on a majority black or white background to really give those colours the meaning and dominance on the page so they can thoroughly get across the meanings desired by the creators of the magazines without the reader being distracted by other things on the page. This helped me when choosing the colour scheme and house style for my magazine. Not only did the colours have implications to the reader but the typeface did also. The use of a serif or sans serif font radically changed the formality in which the magazine addressed its audience. The serif font being a more formal font choice and the sans serif being the more informal font, but that also didn’t mean that serif fonts couldn’t be used in a magazine which normally has an informal mode of address. I’ve developed in my understanding of context and how important anchorage can be in making sure the elements placed into your media product have the desired connotations and are not polysemic to the degree where the audience draw undesired meanings from the different elements used in my magazine. I had to thoroughly plan out all aspects of my magazine, drawing sketches and following the conventions of media products in my chosen genre of magazine

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Representation (or if you break down the word into re-presentation) is the way that individuals, places and ideas can be shown and presented to audiences through media.

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